Growing the best Coffee in the Jamaica Blue Mountain

Every species has an alpha male. Every army has a leader, and for every type of coffee…there is one who is a step above the rest. Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is one giant leap ahead of its competitors, boasting sumptuous and rare properties that make it the most exceptional and expensive coffee in the world.

It is so famous for its rich taste, bold body and unique yet subtle hints of chocolate. We roast and sell nothing but 100% Authentic coffee beans, certified by the “JACRA” Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority. We guarantee customer satisfaction, with a promise to exceed your expectations through the delight of Jamaican coffee – in its purest form.


sweet delight

BAWK Coffee Process

Coffee connoisseurs globally praise Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, and here at BAWK Coffee, every last member of our dynamic team is fully certified by the government owned Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIB) We take great pride in being associated with such an organization that is registered to ISO 9001:2008 coffee. Quality is our vision, and giving you the best is our mission.

Our unwavering passion drives us to continue doing what we do, supporting our farmers with dedication, ultimately growing this one-of-a-kind coffee that is sought by the entire world. The perfect cup of coffee is not just made with beans. It’s made with love, heart and passion.

Our Production

We are not clock watchers. No matter how much time it takes, we carefully and meticulously handpick every last bean, sending it for thorough processing utilizing world-renowned Diedrich Coffee Roasting equipment. We start off by separating our beans into several small batches, gently roasting them with a gradual rise in temperature. This way, we can guarantee that the heat is evenly distributed, penetrating each and every bean equally.

But we don’t stop there. We check the beans every few seconds, to ensure perfection and evenness in color, size, texture and smokiness. We end our process by vacuum packaging these freshly roasted Quality Grade “A” pieces of art.

100% Authentic Certified Jamaican Coffee
Roasted Beans & Roasted and Ground
are Vacuum Packed for Your Freshness
This comes straight from the source

All our beans are cup-tested and receive Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica certification before we sell them. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is The Finest Coffee in the World and we ensure that that’s exactly what you receive.

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