I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means, however, I have ventured out to try more premium and exotic blends recently. I decided to purchase this coffee after doing much research in pursuit of the boldest and tastiest beans. No surprise when I made my first cup (French press) and almost fainted due to the pure awesomeness that was dancing on my taste buds. I really do mean awesome. I figured it would be great coffee, I didn’t expect it to change my coffee game. This was literally the best coffee I have ever had, hands down. I highly recommend using the French press with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Ruby Castillo
Florence, AL USA


sweet delight

I love trying new and exotic coffee’s and this 100% Blue Mountain Coffee is definitely one of my favorites so far. It has a very smooth, mellow taste for a stronger coffee without the bitter taste. I can pick up on different subtle notes of flavor and it really is a pleasure to drink. Worth shipping to the island of Okinawa, Japan! I buy it in bulk now to save on shipping. Side note, don’t share with your girlfriends or be prepared to be the official morning coffee hostess. My fellow military wives hound me for it. One cup of this stuff goes a long way.

Erin Mueller
Okinawa, Japan

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We received our certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in a care package when we relocated to Australia last summer. My husband works 10 to 12 hour days and coffee is an essential tool for starting his day. Both of us being avid coffee snobs, the gift laid around for a while as we were adamant we knew what we preferred. Yes, we finally got around to it. Opening the bag was a moment in itself, the aroma more vibrant than our usual Columbian blend. Our interest was piqued as Jamaican coffee was a first for both of us. We learned about the process of growing the Blue Mountain beans and how it differed from the process of other coffee beans. It’s worth researching! Pretty neat process that plays a part in the unique taste and aroma this coffee brand has to offer. We are proud coffee converts.

Amanda and Jeff Carben
New South Wales, Australia

You can smell it as soon as you open the box!! Love this stuff, literally liquid gold. I ordered the 16 oz. in the gold packaging that is 100% certified Jamaican coffee. You can tell how pure it is by taking a few grounds in your hand, no fillers or blend just ground coffee beans. I call it the “real deal” of coffee. I have also noticed that it is perfectly fine without cream and sugar. I like mine with a tad of honey and it’s so splendid. I give it a 10 in taste.

Jasmine Limon
Irvine, California USA

A great coffee to treat yourself every day or to serve at dinner parties. Frequently, guest comment on the coffee being the best cup of coffee they have tasted. I have to agree with them. I really like this coffee. You have a loyal customer here.

Ali Bratcher
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

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BAWK Coffee Est. 1992
Average rating:  
 27 reviews
 by Stella Holmes
Smell so good!
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted Beans

Taste delicious! smell good! I shared this great coffee with my friends!

Thank you!

 by Deanna Reisch
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted and ground

I found a new & wonderful way to start my day! What a treat to my senses! The coffee was wonderful. Keep doing what you’re doing.

 by Kari Dascher
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted & Ground

This is, by far, the best coffee I have ever had, it makes waking up in the morning a little easier to do knowing I will be rewarded with a perfectly brewed cup. #jamaicanreddiforthewin

 by Kathleen
Super happy fan!
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Both roasted and ground

Amazing coffee!? A true treat and pleasure to taste such exquisite coffee! Like nothing I’ve ever tried before! A must re-purchase for sure! Totally worth every penny! Yum!!!! Highly recommend you give it a try! Perfection!!

Thanks for your review. So happy you enjoyed it.One Love!

 by Kathleen
Huntsville, AL
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted and Ground

What a treat to experience the exquisite taste of this great coffee! I highly recommend you give it a try! Delicious!!

 by Marcia
Best Jamaican coffee
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted&ground

Rich in flavor & smell , definitely one the best coffee made in Jamaica , my morning start the right way.
Great taste and I highly recommend to check in the market for BAWK coffee brand.

 by Beatriz
Miami Florida
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted beans

As Colombian and a coffe lover, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and aroma of this coffe, I recommend it to all my family and friends, thank you for showing the best of Jamaica and the amazing flavors of your mountains ????

 by Suzanne Johnson
Brentwood, TN
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: roasted and ground

A great cup of coffee is as satisfying as a meal for me. This coffee is just that - rich with depth but also extremely smooth. I'm hooked now. Thank you for this wonderful coffee!!

Thanks Suzanne. We are so glad you enjoyed our 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Be sure to look out for our Ice Coffee within the months to come.

 by Grant McKenzie
Atlanta, GA
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted Beans


I have been an avid coffee drinker for years now.

WOW..... WOW... WOW…………!!!! I wanted to let you know that I have never had a better cup of coffee before in my life than your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It had a flavor to it that I have never tasted before. So I just wanted to say thank you for making amazing coffee.

Thanks Grant, we are so happy you enjoyed our coffee.

 by Dan G. Fultan
Denver, CO
Roasted Beans or Roasted & Ground: Roasted Beans

It seems like a dependable rule with coffee (and other things too for that matter) that you get what you pay for... a $12.00 can of Folgers or any other supermarket basic brand won't taste as good as freshly ground beans nor your 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Quality is just Quality….. thank you guys… and I love your website and your packaging is awesome. Cant wait for your Tins. Please notify me when they come out.


Dan G. Fultan

Glad you liked it Dan.Appreciate your review and yes we will notify you. Please send us your email address so that we can list you in our newsletter.

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