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BAWK Coffee beans are not just any coffee beans. They are born in the depths of mineral-rich shale soil, an abundance of rainfall and other wonders of Mother Nature that craft beyond ideal conditions to bring the vibrancy of Jamaica to your kitchen. We pride ourselves on coffee that is rich in aroma and abundant in flavor, with complexity weaved into its simplicity. We have made a name for ourselves as the #1 choice in premium quality coffee.


sweet delight

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee may have been compromised for many years, but as with every story, there is a hero who swoops in to save the day. In our case, this was The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, who began their journey of creating and upholding standards in Jamaica in 1953. BAWK works effortlessly to continuously adhere to these standards, playing an integral role in supporting them.

BAWK Coffee has been selling 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain ® Coffee to United States, England, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, China, Italy, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, Scotland, Japan, Mexico, Philippians, South Africa, India, Ireland,  and many more countries that we have not mentioned.


BAWK Coffee beans are grown and handpicked in Blue Mountains of St. Andrew, Jamaica. Our coffee is grown at a high altitude of three thousand plus feet and a low of two thousand five hundred feet. It features Typica coffee trees planted in shale soil That’s what makes our coffee so rich in its taste and choice. BAWK Coffee is known for its Premium Quality and its being your #1 Choice of Jamaica Blue Mountain ® Coffee.

Location:      St. Andrew, Jamaica
Altitude:        High-3000 feet, Low-2500 feet
Coffee Type: Typica and Geisha

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Phone: 1.888.675.5271
Kingston, Jamaica
Franklin, TN. USA.
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